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Info sessions in the villages of Blaskovo and Gradinarovo

An IOM team, together with representatives of the the Consortium NNHM- BFPA-EMHP

Training for health, educational and labour mediators in Varna

On May 31, 2022, IOM Bulgaria, in p

Information session in the town of Tran

On 25 May an IOM Bulgaria team, together with representatives of the Consortium

Start of the information campaign

On 20 May in Filipovtsi neighbourhood in Sofia, the Consortium NNHM- BFPA-EMHPF

Info session in Tri Kladentsi

An IOM Bulgaria mobile team visited the villages of Tri Kladentsi (VratsaMunicip

IOM Bulgaria in cooperation with LCCTH Plovdiv conducted regional training for health, education and labor mediators.

IOM Bulgaria in cooperation with the local office of the National Commission for

Online meeting

On April 28, 2022, representatives of IOM Bulgaria and the Consortium "BFPA-NNHM

Тraining for Roma labor mediators

On April 27, 2022, in the municipality of Pazardzhik, IOM staff with the assista

Meeting with representatives of the Roma community in Fakulteta

On April 26, 2022 IOM staff held a meeting with the Roma community in Sofia, Fak

Info sessions in Lesura and Kravoder

On April 12 and 14, 2022, IOM staff visited the villages of Lesura and Kravoder

Working meeting at Dolna Banya

A working meeting of representatives of IOM Bulgaria, NCCTHB

Final results from interviews conducted in 5 Roma communities

On the 30th of September 2021, a meeting was held, at which Professor Maya Grekova officially presented the

IOM launches a project for Roma communities in the country 11 August 2021

The project’s duration is 4 years and aims to familiarize the Roma population wi