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presenters at an event in Straldzha

Meeting the Roma community in Straldzha - a film screening and discussion

Submitted by admin on 31 July 2023

An IOM Bulgaria team together with representatives of consortium NNHM- BFPA-EMHPF organised an info session and film screening for the Roma community in the town of Straldzha.

street in Straldzha

The Roma community in Straldzha faces many challenges, including a lack of job opportunities and poverty. Many are forced to seek work outside of the country in order to make a living and support their families. This is often a difficult and dangerous process.

An IOM team member holding an info poster towards the audience

The event presenters took a unique approach to discussing the topics of migration, exploitation, and human trafficking. Rather than a traditional lecture, they chose to screen the film "Baraka" for the community and invited discussion afterwards.

A woman from the Roma community in Straldzha

The audience responded well to this approach, and they engaged in a lively and thought-provoking discussion about the themes of the film and how they related to their own lives and experiences. The discussion was open and free-flowing, and it allowed for a deeper exploration of these important issues.


This event was funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism - 2014-2021.