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IOM team member and IOM Bulgaria's Head of Office

Closing Event Highlights for the Migration Awareness Project

Submitted by admin on 19 April 2024

After 4 years of dedicated work, 73 info events, and meeting over 2100 individuals from Roma communities in Bulgaria, the project 'Raising the awareness of local communities in areas with significant Roma populations on asylum and migration issues’ funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism concluded with a closing event at the G8 Cultural Center in Sofia.

The event brought together representatives from IOM Bulgaria, the Consortium 'NNHM-BFPA-EMHPF', the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, the Ministry of Interior, health mediators, as well as guests from non-governmental organizations.

IOM Bulgaria's Head of Office

Mr. Radoslav Stamenkov, IOM Bulgaria’s Head of Office, opened the event with an introductory speech, emphasising the project's importance in addressing critical issues related to migration among Roma communities in Bulgaria and its successful implementation.

speakers at the event

This was followed by a presentation and discussion on the topic 'Roma and Migration - Reflections from Accumulated Experience' by Dr. Rada Stamenkova, with the participation of health mediators, Dora Petkova from NNHM, and Pavlina Filipova from BFPA. They acquainted the audience with the specifics of working with communities and shared engaging stories from project activities, highlighting the visible results among Roma communities, where good awareness is an essential prerequisite for protection against exploitation and abuse. Attention was drawn to the constantly changing information environment, new forms of fraud and abuse, and the need for intensive work with youth from Roma communities. The importance of such projects and the need for continuity and building upon achievements were reiterated.
IOM team member in front of audience

Subsequently, Theodora Nikolova, part of the IOM project team, delivered a presentation outlining the achieved results, which significantly surpassed the set objectives. She also spoke about the conducted information campaigns and activities, including theatrical performances and discussions, sharing personal stories of women in the community, storytelling sessions by individuals who had experience in living and working abroad, debates with youth, presentations and discussions with young people regarding the International Day against Trafficking in Persons and with film screenings.

Culminating the event, attendees united in the profound belief that the concerted efforts to support, protect, and inform vulnerable communities, including migrants, are indispensable pillars for nurturing a healthy and equitable society.