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The presenter talking to the audience during an info event

Information session in the town of Sredets

Submitted by admin on 4 July 2023

An IOM Bulgaria team, together with a representative of the consortium NNHM- BFPA-EMHPF organised an information session for people from the Roma community in the town of Sredets. 

The event took place at the Community Development Centre in Sredets and attracted nearly 30 participants. The theme of the information session was "What you need to know about working and living abroad. First steps in the new country - Germany".

audience during an info session

Like many other small towns in the country, Sredets offers limited work opportunities and the unemployment rates among the Roma community are high. Many are forced to seek work opportunities in various countries in Europe to earn a living for themselves and their families. Germany stands out as the most frequent destination for seasonal work. One of the main problems for a large percentage of people from Roma communities is a lack of awareness and adequate information, which often puts them at risk of abuse. In this regard, it was useful for the participants to learn about the specificities of the legislative, social and educational systems as well as details on the differences in health insurance in Germany and Bulgaria.

a member of the audience with an informational brochure

Last but not least, the presenters of the event drew attention to the risks of trafficking in human beings and smuggling as well as the necessary prevention steps one should take in order to protect oneself from falling victim to labour or sexual exploitation.

Presenter and audience during the info session

The participants in the event actively took part in the discussion, asking questions and proposing topics for debate based on their personal experiences and future plans.