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Audience at the event

Theatre event for the Roma people in the town of Lom

Submitted by admin on 26 July 2023

Yet another memorable performance by the actress Natalia Tsekova, this time in the Northern Bulgarian town of Lom. The event was organized by IOM and the NNHM- BFPA-EMHPF Consortium under the project "Raising awareness of local communities in areas with a significant presence of Roma population on asylum and migration issues" The local Roma community had the chance to taste the theatrical brilliance of the actress of Roma descent and her one-woman show “The Taste of Life”.

Theatre performance in the town of Lot

The play follows the emotional journey of a chef who pretends to be from Cuba, while secretly being a local with a hidden identity. Through humour and comedy, the play highlights important issues like hidden discrimination and the lack of communication between different ethnic groups in Bulgaria. It also raises awareness about the risks and dangers of trying to find a better life abroad without proper planning and preparation.

Audience at the event

The theatrical production was well-received by the Roma community in Lom, as they were able to relate to the themes and characters depicted in the play. Some attendees even shared that they felt a sense of satisfaction and connection through recognizing their own aspirations, struggles, and memories in the story.

This event was realised with the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism - 2014-2021.