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The actress Natalia Tsekova with people from the audience

The theatre performance "The Taste of Life" by Natalia Tsekova visits Tran and Breznik

Submitted by admin on 23 May 2023

Laughter through tears, loud applause and theatrical storytelling that touched the souls of the people in the audience. This was the atmosphere during the last two events organised by IOM Bulgaria and the NNHM- BFPA-EMHPF Consortium M under the project "Raising awareness of local communities in areas with a significant presence of Roma population on asylum and migration issues" in the towns of Tran and Breznik.

a woman laughing
The actress of Roma origin - Natalia Tsekova presented a one-woman show "The Taste of Life", whose protagonist is a Roma woman of Roma working in a prestigious restaurant and desperately tries to conceal her descent, skilfully uses the tools of humour and satire to address serious and important issues for people from Roma communities. As Natalia herself shared with the audience gathered to greet her after the performance, many of the events in the show are inspired by her own life and her difficult journey from the Roma neighbourhood to the theatre stage. The themes of migration and working abroad, as well as the risks they pose, were also delicately touched upon in the performance.

Theatre performance in Breznik

Both events aroused great interest among the communities in Trun and Breznik, and as some of the attendees shared, the opportunity to experience the theatrical production in which they were able to recognize some of their own aspirations, problems and memories was truly satisfying.

audience during a theatre performance in Breznik

These events were realised with the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism - 2014-2021.