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Наталия Цекова с част от публиката

The one-woman show "The Taste of Life" performed for the Roma community in Blagoevgrad

Submitted by admin on 1 June 2023

Another memorable performance of the actress of Roma origin Natalia Tsekova, organized within the project "Raising awareness of local communities in areas with a significant presence of Roma population on asylum and migration". On 29 May people from the Roma community in Blagoevgrad had the opportunity to enjoy the one-woman show "The Taste of Life", staged in the hall of the Regional History Museum - Blagoevgrad.

аплодисменти от публиката

Using a delicate artistic palette, combining elements of humour and drama, the performance touched the audience with its presentation of the challenges, prejudices and aspirations of Roma in Bulgaria. Unsurprisingly, the end of the performance was accompanied by thunderous applause. Many of the guests of the event also took the opportunity to have their photo taken with Natalia Tsekova.